Learn how Marcel Worldwide Quickly Conducted Global Qual with Mobile Video Surveys

Rob Klingensmith, Chief Strategic Officer at Marcel Worldwide, needed to glean global insights to inform messaging for his internationally popular client Luxottica - makers of Ray-Ban and Persol. Historically taking at least three months to coordinate, traditional global qual would have been impossible to pull off under his timeline (and budget).

Enter mobile video surveys. Working with the team at MindSwarms, Rob pinpointed the ideal consumer profile he was looking for. MindSwarms then recruited participants and ran a survey across five countries.

So much for impossible.

"I've been in this business over 15 years. Mobile video surveys have dramatically changed the way we think about global qual; it's not just for special occasions anymore. And global qual is not just the province of only the elite brands and companies with deep pockets."

Rob Klingensmith

Chief Strategic Officer - Marcel Worldwide